Staff / BOD


Audrey Moriarty – Executive Director

Melissa Bielby – Office Manager

Lori Wright – Fundraising Assistant

Lisa Richman – Program Director and Outpost Manager

Bun Perkinson – Development Director

Kay Lund

Terry Strohl

Joan Ciminera

John Baumiester

James McCrimmon

Board of Directors

Mr. R. Patrick Barry
Mr. William A. Callison
Mr. Matthew Chriscoe
Mr. Brantley Clifton
Mr. Pat Corso
Dr. John Dempsey
Mr. Peter deYoung
Mr. Mark Edwards
Mrs. Nancy Roy Fiorillo Ex-Officio
Mr. Jim Fisher
Mrs. Gretchen Kelly
Mrs. Susie Leader
Mr. John May, Board Counsel
Mrs. Karen Mayer
Mr. John McClain
Mr. John McKean
Mr. Thomas McPherson
Mr. Randall Phillips
Mrs. Marybeth Sandell
Mrs. Judy Townley
Mrs. Diane Westbrook
Mrs. Judy McCaffrey
Mrs. Audrey Moriarty, Executive Director

The Given Tufts 2015 Annual ReportĀ