Given Outpost Information

The “Top Five”:

  1. Home to the Given Book Shop, Outpost rental space, wonderful evening programs and The Roast Office 
  2. Education and interesting programs Thursday evenings during Gathering at Given and In and Out at the Outpost 
  3. Music and poetry bounce off books on Song and Poetry nights
  4. Wonderful space to browse books by day and host a party at night
  5. Proceeds from rentals support Given Tufts
Given Outpost Pinehurst

Contact for rental hours
95 Cherokee Road, Pinehurst NC
Lisa Richman,
Program Director & Outpost Manager

(910) 585-4820

Given Outpost History

The Given Outpost houses three unique businesses within the Old Pinehurst Post Office, 95 Cherokee Road, Pinehurst NC: Given Book Shop, Given Event rentals, Roast Office Coffee Shop 

The Post Office in Pinehurst was established, December 9, 1895. The Post Office lived in various locations downtown before it moved in 1934, to reside three quarters of a century in the location on Cherokee Road. This unique depression era building was built under Louis Simon, Supervising Architect and George Von Nerta, Supervising Engineer.

In 2011, when the Post Office again moved operations, this time outside of the Village, Pinehurst residents were devastated. Since 1934, its home on Cherokee Road, was a focal gathering point in town. People did not just stop in to pick up their mail; they stopped in to catch up on the latest local news and connect with neighbors.

For several years, the Old Post Office stood vacant, weeds growing outside. That was until the new owner, teamed up with Given Tufts to renovate it and make the Old Post Office a home for the growing demands of Given Tufts community services.

The renovation was carried out with the intention of making the space flexible enough to allow for additional Given Tufts community programming, as well as rental space for private or group events.

Today, the building houses the Given Outpost, a satellite of Given Tufts. It is home to the Given Book Shop, where sales of recycled reading help support the privately run Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives. It also is home to the →Roast Office, a coffee shop that serves breakfast, lunch and beverages. Pinehurst residents are again returning to this unique gathering spot on Cherokee Road, to meet with friends and neighbors or welcome visitors, reviving the glory of a unique, popular gathering place in the Village.