Tufts Archives: “Museum and Archives in one”

The “Top Five”:

  1. Primary location of Pinehurst memorabilia and records
  2. Archived images, post cards and graphics available per request
  3. Unique local and national golf information and displays
  4. Partners with other local organizations to provide community events
  5. Downtown location with friendly, helpful staff
Tufts Archives and Given Memorial Library

Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday  9:30am – 12:30pm
150 Cherokee Road, Pinehurst NC
Library (910) 295-6022
Archives (910) 295-3642

Pinehurst History:
also find Photos, Videos, Graphics
and Maps about Pinehurst here

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About the Archives


The Tufts Archives is a non-profit organization that preserves and displays the unique history of Pinehurst, North Carolina, from it’s founding in 1895, to the present.
The archives, located in a wing of the Given Memorial Library on the Village Green in Pinehurst, was built in 1975. It’s creation was spurred by Richard S. Tufts, grandson of the founder of the village, James Walker Tufts. Richard Tufts and other family members created the Tufts Family Foundation, which provided the funding for the archives, and a small endowment.
The archives operates through the generous donations of our patrons, the sale of images and graphics, and specific fundraisers. It is open to the public, researchers, media, and scholars at no charge.
The Tufts Archives is proud to be a contributor to the →North Carolina Digital Heritage website.

Tufts Archives Pinehurst
Tufts Archives Pinehurst
Tufts Archives Pinehurst
Tufts Archives Pinehurst