Each of the departments are supported by an army of volunteers. Check out the descriptions below and see if they match any of your interests. The Given Tufts is proud and grateful to all its volunteers for their support and service.

Location Volunteer description Contact Person
Given Memorial Library Volunteers duties range from assisting in shelving and filing books.
Calling for reserve books and working at the checkout counter. Flexible hours.
Melissa Bielby
(910) 295-6022
Tufts Archives Volunteering in the Tufts Archive requires an interest in history and the ability to describe the collection to visitors. Additional duties include
answering questions, searching the database and helping with projects.
Computer skills are a must. These hours are regular.
Audrey Moriarty
(910) 295-3642
Given Book Shop The Book Shop is 100% supported by volunteers. Duties range greatly
from pricing and shelving books, to working at the checkout counter
and ringing up sales. These hours are regular. Click here to link to the volunteer application.
Kim Tills 
(910) 986-0288
Given Outpost Events Volunteers assisting with Outpost events are needed from for setting
up and breaking down so the requirements are often physical.
These hours are based on the event schedule.
Lisa Richman
(910) 585-4820
Programs Includes working with children during a Saturday children’s craft project,
reading to children, set up during specific programs at the
Outpost or Library.  These hours are based on the programs and
most are regular.
Lisa Richman (910) 585-4820